The ancient village of Cavaglia, situated in the Val Brembilla, at the foothills of the Orobie Alps, is surrounded by green forests and mountains: Monte Corno (1250 mslm) (al known as Corna Camoscera), the “Castello della Regina” (1320 mslm) whose name date back to the medieval Queen Teodolinda, Monte Foldone (1280 mslm), Pizzo Cerro (1200 mslm) with a small resort run by the group “ Lupi di Brembilla”.


The area offers the possibility to do several activities and further information can be found on this page or by visiting the suggested websites. In addition the B&B will be happy to provide his guests with all the assistance required to make the best of your stay.




The B&B is the perfect place to start your journey on the surrounding valley. Several routes, all tracked by C.A.I. (Italian Alpine Club), begin just in front of your door! All the above mentioned hills can be reached from the B&B.

There are hiking tours of different levels, and you will definitely find one suitable for you! For more information:



The clif of the Monte Corno are at a walking distance from the B&B and the spot has been recently imporved with many new lines, thanks to the investments made by the local administration and the climbing group “Lucertole Brembilla”. There are more than 50 lines waiting for you, with level ranging from 4b to 8a+. In addition there is the possibility to book also for individual or team training with a local alpine guide. For more information:



The iron road “Madonnina del Coren”, dedicated to the Virgin Mary of La Salette in Farnce, iso ne of the few available in the Brembana Valley and it offers the possibility of a unique experience that will take you to the top of the Monte Corno. The lenght is about 200 mt, with a unique passage in a vertical cave. For more information:



If you are planning a visit in winter, skying will be the perfect activity to do. The skying resort of the BrembanaValley are at less than one hour drive from the B&B. For more information:



Closet o the “Castello Regina” hill, it is possible to do paradligging. More information can be collected directly at the B&B.



The lack of pollution and the minimum light, make Cavaglia one of the best place for astronomy observation. With a telescope or also just with your eyes, both  amateur and professional astronomers can conduct research while visitors gain first-hand knowledge of the beautiful and awe-inspiring sights of the night sky.